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1 We care about your situation, can be trusted and if able find a strategy & solution.
2 We have lenders readily available to close quickly and buy with cash.
3 We purchase Short Sales, Foreclosure, Quick Sales, Tax Liens, Fixer Uppers.

Our name is Jim & Maria Rees owners of Royal K Properties.  We are a property investment company who specialize in real estate solutions to the Tri-State area.

The mission is strengthening homes, lives, and communities.  How?  we, breathe life back on homes that are distressed, we  help homeowners in distress out from the burden and having a goal.

If able we will try to have our homeowners walk away with a strategy for their individual situation to move them into the next endeavor in life.

We buy distressed homes at a discount renovating and then resell them.  This year our goal is to rehab 15 plus homes.  We buy cash and we close quick.   Having access to 20 plus years of real estate investment experience, networks, and resources which is why Royal K. Properties are able to assist more homeowners with an array of real estate options.

Royal K. Properties has a team of general contractors, real estate agents, attorneys, and title specialist to create a fast and hassle-free turnaround.

We are always looking for some local wholesalers who want to earn some quick cash on some deals you find through your marketing efforts. Real Estate agents who are motivated and interested in assisting us to find those properties and earn a commission when we buy them and again when we sell them. Lisc & bonded contractors with integrity you will love working for our team if you enjoy consistent flow of work.

Although our main office is headquartered on Wilmington, Delaware, through our extensive network of real estate professionals – we are able to do business throughout the United States and beyond.

Whether you are in the Tri State Area or Florida or beyond; we can help – reach out today and we’ll find the best solution for your situation.


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